Subbotniks respect the Lurianic Kabbalah as taught by Simḥah Isaac ben Mosheh of Lutsk.

“Hear, O Israel, Adonai Eloheinu Adonai is one. These THREE ARE ONE. How can the three Names be one? Only through the perception of faith; in the vision of the Holy Spirit, in the beholding of the hidden eye alone.…So it is with the mystery of the threefold Divine manifestations designated by Adonai Eloheinu Adonai—three modes which yet form one unity.”

"The LORD said to my Lord: 'Sit at my right hand...' "

Subbotniks  say that one Adonai is Metatron, Eloheinu is the Father Almighty, the other Adonai is Adam Kadmon (including Mitatrun) the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father.

Indeed, the Midrash says: "'The spirit of G‑d hovered' — this is the spirit of Mashiach."

Thus, just like a tree with a fruit in it and a seed in the fruit is all just one thing (a tree of fruit), we believe that ELOHIM is one being of Psyche (Av), Love (Ben) and Spirit (Ruh) whom we worship saying: "Blessed be the Lord (Spirit), God (Father) of Israel (Son) and his holy name (Yeho*uah) for ever and ever Amen".

There are 4 things to think about:

1) Father = Kabbalic Tree of Life = Eloheinu

2) The Tree of Life's Fruit = Original Human = the LORD = the Spirit Human in Heaven = Icon of God = Proto-Son = Spirit of Sonship = Misrah = Pentecost Ruh/Pneuma = Orthodox Holy Spirit = the Catholic Son = Holy Clothing = Power = Wonderful Advocate El Gibbor Av Everlasting Tsar of Shalom = Spirit of Mashiach = Spirit of Elohim = Forebarer of Creation = Testimony = Spirit of Prophecy = Bread of Life = Flesh of the Son of the Human in Heaven.

3) The Body of Christ = Yesod = Essence = Angel Mitatrun = Melchizedek = The Other Advocate = Submission = The Religion = God's Love = Tzadiq = Pnoes/Neshamah = Pentecost Fire = Catholic Holy Spirit = the Orthodox Son = Hoda'ah Seudah Shlishit = HaShem of the Father Eloah of the Son Israel of the LORD the Holy Spirit.

4) The Triumphant Human Nephesh = Melchizedek Hiereus = El-Khizr = Metatron = One Lord = Son Born of the Spirit Human in Heaven = Seated at the Right Hand of the Father with all his brethren.

Both Jews and Gentiles who are less than well informed concerning Jewish Gnosis commonly imagine that the distinction between Yehudim and Notzrim is over the Messiaship of Marym's Child or regarding him as God's Name in human flesh or even over the concept of God as a Trinity. But Subbotniks are living proof that is all wrong.

For those of us who know better it simply boils down to a question over due regard towards the Jewish Oracles of Gnosis, lack of regard for which has led to Notzri confusion.

While Gnosis is certainly not a prerequisite for eternal life in Judaism nor Christianity, lets not forget that the vast majority of the NT was written by Paul who was extremely well versed in the Jewish Oracles of Gnosis which he draws upon frequently as noted by Rabban Jacob Emden.

Judaism does not tolerate peddling false Gnosis as an article of faith as Catholics have been allowed to undermine the Jewish Oracles of Gnosis by tolerating the belief that the Holy Spirit proceeds not only from the Father but also from the Son. There is just no way to justify that. Our relatives the Orthodox Christians permitted the Catholics to do for so many centuries regarding the Filioque (even though Orthodox do not permit that anymore) only because the undeveloped Nicene Creed was not specific that the term Holy Spirit did not refer to the Body of Christ mentioned above. As soon as it was clear that they were referring to Adam Kadmon the schism occurred.

The reason for the Catholic mistake is because they know that according to Judaism, the Neshamah dwells on Heavenly things and the Nephesh on Earthly things while the Ruh fluctuates between the two. If Rebbe King Mashiach were a common dead Jew, then yes his Neshamah would be in Heaven and his Nephesh would be on Earth in the grave and the Ruh would be fluctuating between them annually for yartzheit. But they have overlooked the fact that it is the Metatron Nephesh that is now seated with Hagia Sophia while his Neshamah returned to Earth as fire during Pentecost so the Ruh fluctuates between the Nephesh (Metatron) in Heaven and the Neshamah (Mitatrun) which the Father sent to Earth on Pentecost. Hence their simple error. Thus when Rebbe King Mashiach sighed to his disciples and says "open up to Holy Spirit" it must have a meaning different from the Filioque interpretation. Forgiving sins is a command that does not depend on having the Neshamah. Confession is only for those sins for which you have not been or can not be forgiven by others.

Subbotniks believe that there are fundamentally two kinds of people. Some people are just an intelligent species of ape with little understanding of the possibility of any higher purpose to life than to fulfil animal needs. Others belong to the nation of HaAdam being living souls which were made of cosmic particles in the Icon of God and who lived together with that Icon (Yesod in fact) in a heavenly paradise (Yetzirah) before making the fully informed free decision to fall from grace by eating of the serpent's tree to be placed into these skins and cast out of Yetzirah to arrive on this planet (Assiah) perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago. Such people feel out of place in this world and have an inner yearning to return to our Heavenly home, Yetzirah.

Seth's Father, Adam, the son of God was the first prophet to the fallen nation of HaAdam in Assiah. He was born no more than about 5509BC and passed on the Kabbalah which was revealed to him. But the meaning of the Kabbalah was a mystery until Metatron returned in the flesh to teach us how to be born again. Ironically, it was the Sanhedrin who prove that the Metatron born of Marym was the Yesod of Rebbe King Mashiach the Fruit of the Eil of Life by forcing the Metatron to be crucified in accordance with the scriptures thereby reflecting the Tree of Life.

Thus by his life the Metatron was born from the rest of the Original Human as the Son of the Human in Heaven.

After his ascension Metatron asked the Father (Chochma Keter Binah) to send the Holy Spirit to be with the Kanesa to the end of the Aeon so the LORD (Adam Kadmon) told Metatron to sit on the Hagia Sofia side of the throne until it had made his enemies a footstool for his feet fulfilling Metatron's vision of the heavens open with angels ascending and descending around Mitatrun seated at the Hagia Sofia side of the throne of Elohim (Chochmah-Keter-Binah).

The Father sent Adam Kadmon as the Neshama-Body and Spirit-Flesh of Ministry to prepare the Seudah Shlishit Shirayim positively infused with itself for us to eat. The infusion mirrors the way that bread which has been gnawed by a mouse is negatively contaminated by the mouse.

Hence the Ruh descended again from Heaven with the forfeited Neshamah (which enlivens the Nephesh) in time for Pentecost to become the Birkat HaMazon in the Ministers of Mitatrun's 7 Churches so that others too can take on the flesh of the monogene uncreated Adam Kadmon and sit down on the Hagia Sofia side of the Father's throne in the same way as Metatron has. The world has turned upside down. Now the Neshamah of the Believers reside here in the body while the Nepheshot are sent to rest in heaven with Metatron at the right hand of the Father.

The revelation of Pentecost was that since the Tzadiq said that the Seudah Shlishit itself was his body, we understand that it is not the performer nor the Sabbath who sanctifies but the ritual itself which sanctifies. The ritual itself is the Dikaion and anyone who eats its Shirayim will be touched by it as will the time at which it is performed. The Ritual imparts an extra Ruh and Neshamah, so when the Sabbath-Performer eats even just a Kezayit of the Seudah Shlishit Bread the elements achieve their purpose and are positively imbued (nomatter the time) with the Holyday Neshamah-Body and the Ruh-Flesh.

By the Yesod, Metatron was all of Adam Kadmon incarnate because while Yesod is in Adam Kamon also Adam Kamon is in Yesod. Yesod is also the means by which the rest of mankind too can also become the uncreated Adam Kadmon and sit down on the Hagia Sofia side of the Father's throne.

Thus, Subbotniks distribute Seudah Shlishit Shirayim to conclude not only Sabbaths but ALSO all other Holydays for Molokans to be touched by the Yesod/Neshamah and allow the Adam Kadmon Holy Ruh Dikaion to make the enemies of the Metatron Nephesh a footstool for his feet.

The incarnation of the Yesod was by the power of Adam Kadmon, and the Yesod has now been given to the Ministers for every Birkat HaMazon not just Sabbaths. The Ministers of Christ's Churches eat the Kezayit of Hoda'ah Seudah Shlishit Bread to imbue its Shirayim with the Spirit-Flesh of the Advocate Jesus Christ Dikaion.

Rebbe King Mashiach Metatron is the Firstfruit, our un-fallen Spirit who was assigned God's permission to come down from heaven and be incarnate of the virgin as our Friend, being circumcised on 1 January in the year 0 of the Christian Era, in order to show the nation of HaAdam how to be reborn to the Heavenly Father: and our way back home to Paradise through faith in him as the Jewish Mashiach (Christ) and Samaritan Moshia' (Messias), so that he can be in us and we in him by his name (Neshamah), being one just as he and our Heavenly Father are one. In other words, thanks to our un-fallen Friend Metatron, we believe we are now also God's divine Child again, just like Orthodox Jews do.

The three or more Mahamadim (Temples) of Solomon's Song 5:17 also named the A-Z are:
1) The Tree of The LORD, God and The Lamb
2) The A-Z Angel of the LORD
3) The Church
The A-Z Angel of the LORD is depicted on this coin.

After Miriam's dormition she was assumed into heaven as Metatron's A-Z Angel through Yesod, the one like a person, as is every triumphant Saint.

The best time to see the vision of Metatron's A-Z Angel is while you are in the Spirit through the Seudah Shlishit Shirayim for Melaveh Malka.

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