Shirayim for Birkat HaMazon Havdalah

Subbotniks do not usually observe laws of tahorah except for Sabbaths and High Holidays in order to be able to take the l'Zayit Mezanot Shirayim of Seudah Shlishit Tish as Afikomen for Birkat HaMazon Havdalah.

Subbotniks always combine the Birkat HaMazon and Havdalah Tish as Jesus Christ did at the last supper. A high Havdalah Tish demanding candles and thurible is only ever to follow Saturdays, while a low Havdalah Tish without candles or thurible can conclude holidays on any other day of the week. The Subbotnik order of Birkat Mazon Havdalah Tish parallels both Hillel's and Shammai's as described in Berakhot Chapter 8 Mishnah Five:

(1 Candle blessing as per both Hillel and Shammai
2 Initial thurible blessing as per Hillel
3 Posek "Man does not live on bread alone") distribute l'Zayit Afikomen Crouton Mezonot
4 Birkat Ha-Mazon as per both Hillel and Shammai
(5 Final thurible blessing as per Shammai)
6 Havdalah as per both Hillel and Shammai
7 Toast
8 Al-HaMichya

After the candles have been lit and blessed, the people will be blessed with the thurible. After the Eulogy/Posek, censing will continue during the Birkat HaMazon after which there will be a final censing followed by the blessing and consuming the Havdalah toast where broken l'Zayit Afikomen Crouton Mezonot are distributed with wine. The toast is usually followed by the Ha-Mavdil Hymn.

The act of eating the broken l'Zayit Afikomen Crouton Mezonot Tish is the true body of Jesus Christ which was his Brit Yashan sacrifice while drinking the Birkat HaMazon is the celebration of his Brit Chadasha.

-taken from "Christ's Shirayim and the Origins of the Christian Botteh"

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